Oklahoman, Indian, Woman Owned and Operated

Prestige Valet and Parking


Prestige Valet and Parking services include, but are not limited to:

  • Hospitals/Clinics
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Wedding/Receptions
  • Private Parties
  • Entertainment Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Fundraising Events
  • Casinos
  • Our Event Services Add-Ons include: concierge, coat check, greeters and bell service.

Questions to Ask

Considerations for Event parking
  • Does your venue have its own parking? Have you rented parking? Do you have more than one area, lot, garage, etc to use?
  • Is your parking a lot, garage or street parking?
  • Is your event in a private neighborhood, one way or narrow street parking, HOA restrictions?
  • Where do guests park that do not want to valet?
  • What is a COI? Should I get one?
  • How many valet attendants do I need for my event?

Prestige Valet works with a goal of excellent service in mind. This action creates positive feedback and a reputation that is unmatched here in Oklahoma!

core of PVP


Prestige Valet & Parking has branded its name as the best Oklahoma owned and operated valet service. Our goal is to demonstrate loyalty and professionalism and the best customer service to clients and our community. Our valet staff strives to be a positive support to others and their team and to bring back integrity and honesty in valet services.

Our Beliefs

Prestige Valet & Parking believes in being open and accountable. These are key components for our company's success. We believe in showing honor and loyalty. Our employees and our clients are equally important to us. Our team displays and adheres to an uncompromising code of ethics. We emphasize complete honesty and sincerity. Prestige Valet & Parking sets high standards for our employees. Employees are given the training and tools to provide superior service. Prestige Valet & Parking strives for excellence within its framework, employees and client satisfaction!


Prestige Valet & Parking operates in a serious manner. We do not take short-cuts or compromise our business principles. Registered, Licensed, Insured, Bonded to provide valet services in Oklahoma Evidence of Coverage available for review. Bookings receive a Certificate of Insurance and Bond copy.


Prestige Valet & Parking believes that in order to give the best service, we must provide our valet drivers the best safety-based vehicle training program. Our company program differs from most others. This includes safety orientation, safety training manual and employee handbook and continued education.


  • Certified National Parking Association Emergency Preparedness Program
  • Certified National Parking Association Shuttle Operations
  • The Mandt System Training
  • Healthcare Master Class
  • NPA Valet Operations
  • Valet Ambassadors Certification Program
  • Employees as caregivers: Training & Motivation for Valet Ambassadors in Healthcare Service
  • Fundamentals, Skills, Hospitality Excellence & Parker Experience
  • Valet Service Lane & Valet Team Effectiveness
  • Valets in Action: High Touch/High Tech Service- From Greetings to Incident Management


 We do NOT give “ball park quotes.” This can be misleading.    WE like to meet with our clients in person. We plan to see your location in person and discuss TOGETHER what would make your event a successful one.


Become part of the Prestige Valet Family

Are you 19 or older?

Are you looking for a full-time, part-time or seasonal job with flexible hours?

  • All employees must consent to a background & reference check 
  • All employees must consent to initial and random drug testing
  • All employees must consent and attend mandatory training or continued education by Prestige Valet & Parking. 
  • Employees must show proof of personal insurance.  

Want to become part of our family?

Submit your Application Above or Email: HR@PrestigeValetOKC.com